If you spend much of your day in your tin nhắn inbox, then you are potentially wasting hours per week. In order to stay on top of incoming and outgoing messages, you need the right tools for the task.

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Salespeople và other professionals often use Right Inbox khổng lồ manage their email communications quickly và reliably.

So you might be asking “How bởi you địa chỉ cửa hàng Right Inbox khổng lồ Gmail?” The good news is that it’s actually quite simple. In this article, we’ll show you step by step so you can start enjoying the benefits of Right Inbox as quickly as possible:

What is Right Inbox?

It’s a powerful tool that helps you track e-mail activity & maximize results. Features include open and click tracking, scheduling, campaign management, analytics, private notes, reminders, and more.

Right Inbox’s powerful features enable users khổng lồ enjoy a range of benefits for professional, private, and educational productivity.

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Benefits of Right Inbox

There are a number of reasons that people choose to use Right Inbox, such as:

Improve Campaigns – Create custom campaigns from scratch & analyze your results for better campaigns.Organization – With inbox overload, it’s easy to thua trận track of important messages or follow ups. Right Inbox helps you stay clear & organized.Convert More Prospects – Know what emails are opened & engaged with to lớn optimize conversions.Stay on Schedule – Understand the right moment khổng lồ send every email, right on schedule.

In essence, Right Inbox can aid anyone who wants more robust tin nhắn features. Use them to communicate more powerfully with clients, avoid mundane tasks, và have a transparent view of your thư điện tử interactions.

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How to địa chỉ Right Inbox lớn Gmail

Step 1 – Go to lớn the Chrome website Store here

Step 2 – Select “Add to lớn Chrome”


Step 3 – Click “Sign In with Google”


Step 4 – Make sure you sign into the Google / Gmail tài khoản that you’ll use with Right Inbox

Step 5 – For Right Inbox to properly provide you with email analytics and other features, you need to lớn click “Allow” on this page

Step 6 – If you’re starting with the không lấy phí plan, just click “Continue.” Otherwise, select your preferred paid plan khổng lồ unlock even more features. Full pricing breakdown can be found here.

You’re all set. Once you log into email going forward, you’ll have access lớn the Right Inbox features of the plan you selected.

How lớn Get the Most Out of Your Right Inbox Account

Email Tracking – It can be stressful not knowing if your prospect has clicked, or even opened, your email. Use this Right Inbox feature to gain insights into every email interaction.

Templates – Right Inbox comes stocked with various predesigned templates to lớn choose from. You can also create your own templates khổng lồ reuse again & again, saving time and hassle with one-click activation.

Scheduled Send – There are situations when sending an email right away isn’t the best move. When you want khổng lồ delay an email, schedule it for a specific date in the features so it lands in their inbox precisely when you want.

Reminders – Never forget when khổng lồ send another email for follow- up. Put your lead nurturing process on autopilot.

Signatures – Leave a great impression by creating a unique email signature that contains contact information or even promotional material.

Wrapping Up

Right Inbox is a smart investment for entrepreneurs, managers, salespeople, & anyone looking lớn maximize their thư điện tử workflow. Just follow the steps above và you can start enjoying Right Inbox in minutes.